Why add beneficiaries?

It’s a fast and easy way to be sure your loved ones get the full value of your benefit investments, in the event something happens to you.

If you pay for life insurance coverage (or receive benefits from A-B), don’t miss this important opportunity to give your loved ones the financial protection they deserve.

Start with MetLife Life Insurance

Life Insurance could protect your loved ones from financial hardship should anything happen to you. Adding them as your beneficiaries will make their lives easier in the future.

Register or log in here.

Enter Anheuser-Busch Companies, LLC if you're asked for the employer name.

Once you are logged in, click "Group Life Insurance", then add your beneficiary.

Add your Vanguard 401(k) beneficiary

If you're contributing to A-B's 401(k) plan with Vanguard, you're already good at thinking ahead!

Show your loved ones you care by going here and logging in to add them as beneficiaries.

Click "My Profile" on the top right.

Click the Beneficiary tab.

Click Edit and add your beneficiary's information.

Don't worry if you have questions - call (800)-523-1188 to get the answers you need!

If you have an HSA, don't forget HealthEquity

Your HSA savings will help your loved ones - don't forget to add their names when you have a chance.

Log in here then click "Beneficiaries" in the righthand menu.

Answer a question about whether you're married, then add your designated recipient.

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