Time away to grieve with bereavement leave

If you are an active full- or part-time employee and lose a family member, A-B offers you paid bereavement leave.

Please notify your supervisor before taking your leave time.

Reach out for free counseling or someone to listen at Health Advocate

Confidential free counseling sessions are available 24/7 if you need support for your grief or just want to speak to someone.

Call (855) 424-6400 to get started.

Therapy is available through your medical plan

If you are looking for support, Cigna, Kaiser and HMSA offer members care for mental health.

Learn more about how to find therapy through your medical plan here.

If the individual was covered by A-B benefits...

Please contact the HR Service Center at (800) 952-7522 within 30 days of the event so they can help make any needed changes to your benefits.

When you call, the HR Service Center may remind you to contact MetLife at (800) 638-6420 for losses covered by Life Insurance or (800) 638-6420 for losses covered by Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage.

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