Health Advocate Highlights

Crisis Support

If you or a family member need support in a crisis, call Health Advocate 24/7.

Confidential Counseling

Three no-cost confidential counseling sessions (per issue!) are available to you and your family members.


Wellbeing Resources

Health Advocate offers you access to resources that help you manage work and life (including relocation support, family care resources and more).

Check out this resource to learn about how to verify your income and employment.

Resources that are available whenever you need them

Health Advocate's website offers on-demand webinars, Manager tips, financial and legal resources.

If you're looking for legal, family care or financial resources (and more), go to Health Advocate's website or call Health Advocate to learn more about how they can support your wellbeing.

You can also check out Health Advocate's blog or watch a webinar replay of Empowering Yourself: How to be a Force for Change in the Workplace.

More free resources and savings

Health Advocate is offered to eligible employees by A-B at no cost. If you're eligible, you don't need to enroll in coverage.

Did you know that Health Advocate offers access to discounts through Perks at Work? Once you log into your Health Advocate account, click EAP Work/Life and then Savings Center to find registration instructions.

Find discounts on home mortgages, insurance, moving vans/services, other home buying or selling costs, top car brands and auto insurance. My AB Discounts is available in the Benefits Portal's Discounts tile.

Developing and sustaining meaningful relationships with others – family, friends, colleagues, your community. It encompasses the ability to engage in positive interactions, manage and understand emotions, feel belonging, and share and celebrate failures and successes with others.

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