Where should you start?

To make therapy more accessible, A-B offers three free counseling sessions per issue to members and their families. You can call or use virtual counseling, no call required.

Call Health Advocate's trained and confidential counselors to start using your free sessions at 855-424-6400.

If you prefer to text a counselor and sign up for free counseling sessions online, check out BetterHelp, which is also available for free. To use the three free weeks of counseling through BetterHelp, start here, enter Anheuser-Busch Companies, answer the questionnaire, and wait for an email.

Therapy through your medical plan


With our Cigna plans, you can access mental health care through texting, video, apps or in-person. Some options are available 24/7. Start by logging into your MyCigna account and selecting "Find Care".


Kaiser offers telehealth options, mental health apps (for free) and more for members.

Allegiant Care

Please reach out to Allegiant Care directly to find resources that can support your mental health.

Check out this resource to learn about how to verify your income and employment.

For a list of vision providers in the VSP Choice network, go to www.vsp.com or call (800) 877-7195.

You can also sign up for an account here!

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Developing and sustaining meaningful relationships with others – family, friends, colleagues, your community. It encompasses the ability to engage in positive interactions, manage and understand emotions, feel belonging, and share and celebrate failures and successes with others.

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