Frequently Asked Questions

What are the two required activities?

If you are eligible for the AB Well Program, you can put more $$ into your pocket by:

  1. Enrolling in an A-B medical plan again for next year during Annual Enrollment and
  2. Completing the following activities:


Between 1/1/2022 and 9/1/2022, complete via one option below:

Onsite Screening Event

Offsite Physician Form

Offsite Quest Patient Center

At-home screening kit

PCP Visit

Visit your PCP (visits between 1/1/2021 and 9/1/2022 count)

You can self-report your visit in the AB Well Portal before 9/1 if it isn't showing up already

If you have any issues with the AB Well (Virgin Pulse) portal, please reach out to Virgin Pulse at (888) 671-9395.

If you have any issues with your Quest Biometric Screening (accessible through the AB Well Portal), please reach out to Quest at (855) 623-9355.

Alternatives to a PCP visit

To complete the PCP requirement, you and your spouse/domestic partner can visit a:

  1. PCP or another provider, including a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, OB-GYN or specialist. Make sure to get a full health assessment
  2. Walgreens/CVS or an Urgent Care*
  3. Telemedicine Primary Care visit*

*Costs may be associated with these options. Cigna members can utilize MD Live to complete the health assessment.

Spouse/Domestic Partner information

We don't just care about your health; your family's health matters to you (and to A-B), too! That's why if your eligible spouse/domestic partner is enrolled in an A-B Medical Plan, they are also able complete the activities to earn Flex Credits.

Spouses and Domestic Partners can register for the AB Well Portal here. Employees on the network can use this AB Well Portal SSO link.

Want to confirm your completion?

Whohoo, you completed your two activities! Amazing job.

To confirm, before 9/1:

  1. Go to the AB Well Portal
  2. Click the ribbon in the top righthand menu (as shown below)

2. Confirm that you see two checkmarks - one next to each of the required activities (as shown below!)

Completed Activities

Not sure if you have to complete the requirements?

Let us help make things easier!

If you were hired before 6/1/2022, you have to complete the activities if you want to get rewarded when you enroll in a 2023 A-B Medical Plan.

If you were hired or covered by A-B Medical benefits on or after 6/1/2022, you are good to go! You don't have to complete the requirements to receive Flex Credits for the 2022 or 2023 Plan Years. If you enroll in an A-B Medical Plan during Annual Enrollment, you will see Flex Credits in the benefits portal after you make a 2023 A-B Medical plan election.

If you will be newly enrolled in or covered by A-B Medical benefits for the 2023 plan year, you do not have to complete the requirements for 2023 Flex Credits.

Wondering whether your eligible spouse/domestic partner has the chance to complete the requirements and earn rewards? If you chose to cover them under an A-B Medical Plan prior to 6/1/2022, they only get rewards for 2023 if they completed their activities. If they are enrolled in an A-B Medical Plan on or after 6/1/2022 (or newly enrolled in Medical in 2023), they automatically receive Flex Credits for 2023.

Having SSO Issues with the AB Well Portal?

If you're experiencing issues accessing the AB Well Portal via SSO, please utilize the username and password option. If that doesn't help, please reach out to Virgin Pulse at 888-671-9395.

Please report the life event in the Benefits Portal within 30 days of the event*.

*Due to Covid-19, timelines may vary.

If you are looking for support, Cigna, Kaiser and HMSA offer members care for mental health.

Don't forget - the AB Well deadline is 9/1!

Check how much time you have left or access the AB Well Portal

More key actions to improve your wellbeing