Hospital Indemnity Insurance

If you're planning ahead, take a look at Hospital Indemnity Insurance. If you (or a family member) will be checking into the hospital as an inpatient, Hospital Indemnity Insurance pays a benefit for your stay.

Don't forget to create a Life Event and Add Dependents to Your Benefits

During this life-changing time, please don't forget that you have 30 days to take action and ensure your benefits change with you.

Make sure to enter your life event details in the Benefits Portal, then go through the enrollment process.

A Social Security Number is not required right away for newborns up to 12 months old.

MetLife Short-term Disability

6 to 8 weeks of paid Short-Term Disability Leave (depending on the type of birth) offers eligible mothers time to recover after giving birth.

Please call MetLife at (800) 396-8621 to report your Short-Term Disability and Parental Leave in advance. If you submit your Leave request in MetLife’s Portal, select Own Serious Health Condition.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to MetLife or

A-B's Parental Leave for all eligible parents

A-B’s Parental Leave Policy offers up to 16 weeks of leave to eligible parents (including same-sex or domestic partners) who welcome a new child through birth, adoption, or surrogacy. You can review A-B's Parental Leave policy on the Tap Room.

Wondering if you're a primary or secondary caregiver? If you are responsible for more than 50% of the active care for your newest family member, you are likely the Primary caregiver. We trust you to self-certify.

Cigna Resources

Cigna offers you resources for healthy pregnancies, like free breast pumps.

Call Cigna at 800-244-6224 or reach out to Missy if you have questions about the resources available to support you.

Backup Care with Bright Horizons

If your childcare falls through or you need last minute help caring for an elderly family member, A-B offers backup childcare and eldercare to eligible employees to help. Get started by registering here or call 877-242-2737 to learn more about backup care.

If you're returning to work after Parental Leave, welcome back! A-B offers an additional 10 days of back-up care during your child's first year. To access your additional days, check out the Special Programs section of the back-up care website or contact a care consultant at 877-242-2737 and mention the Return-To-Work Care Program.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts with HealthEquity

A DCFSA can help you pay for same year daycare with tax-free dollars for your children under the age of 13. Don't contribute money you won't be able to use; stop contributing when your child is 13.

A-B's Flexible Spending Accounts are with HealthEquity. You can call HealthEquity at 877-924-3967 about FSAs.

Developing and sustaining meaningful relationships with others – family, friends, colleagues, your community. It encompasses the ability to engage in positive interactions, manage and understand emotions, feel belonging, and share and celebrate failures and successes with others.

Add Your Dependents Within 30 Days

Don’t forget to add new dependents to your benefits within 30 days of your life event!

Looking For More Information?

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Mental health support for you and your family members

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