Employees Turning 26

Happy Birthday!

If you are covered as a dependent on a parent’s plan, coverage typically ends when you turn 26. Don’t worry! This is a qualifying life event and you will have an opportunity to enroll in Anheuser-Busch benefits.

Report your loss of coverage within 30 days

Don’t forget to report your loss of other coverage life event in A-B’s Benefits Portal, which you can access via SSO link or log in link. You have 30 days from your loss of other coverage date to enroll in A-B benefits; please don’t miss your chance to enroll.

Dependents Turning 26

If you’re an active employee, A-B Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Plan Coverage for your dependent children ends at the end of the month in which they turn age 26.

Voya Voluntary Benefit coverage, if applicable, ends on the day that your dependent turns 26.

Options if you care for a disabled child

If you have a disabled child (unable to hold a self-sustaining job and primarily dependent on you for support) and they reach the end of the month in which they turn 26, you have the option to apply for continued health coverage for your child. Contact the HR Service Center at (800)-952-7522 for details.


COBRA paperwork from PayFlex will be provided automatically within 30 days.

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