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Your eligibility for benefits at A-B depends on your benefit class. Visit the Benefits Portal to review the benefit options available to you, which are described in the benefit summaries and Enrollment guide.

Eligible employees have three opportunities to enroll in A-B benefits:


Within 30 days
of becoming




Within 30 days of
Qualifying Life


Active employees can enroll eligible dependents (spouse, certified domestic partner and dependent children up to age 26) in A-B benefits.
Here’s what to do when you or your dependent turn 26.

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If you don't have A-B multi-factor authentication set up or have any issues with the SSO option, please click the Log In button above.


To Confirm Retiree Eligibility For Pre-65 Health Coverage

Complete this form and submit to the HR Service Center to find out if you are eligible and receive monthly costs and plan summaries.
If you are eligible, enroll in retiree medical within 30 days of your retirement date here or by calling the HR Service Center at (800) 952-7522.
Enrollment isn't automatic, so please don't miss your chance to enroll.

Get Started Enrolling in Retiree Medical

To create a new Benefits Portal account, register here or click the Benefits Portal Log In button and then select "Register".
After registering, you'll be able to access the Benefits Portal through the Benefits Portal Log In option.
If you forget your username or password for the Benefits Portal, you can recover them by clicking the relevant link on the log in page.

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