Take advantage of the great benefits A-B provides by making sure to enroll your spouse in the Benefits Portal as a dependent!


Marriage is a qualifying life event which allows you to change your benefits and enroll you spouse in coverage. All you need to do is enter the Benefits Portal and click on Life Events to submit the Marriage/Domestic Partnership Life Event. Don’t wait as you only have 30 days from your date of marriage to submit and make changes.

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Just the facts

Per IRS and our plan rules, you have 30 days from your date of marriage to submit a life event and enroll your new spouse in coverage. If you miss the 30 day window, your next chance to make changes will be during Annual Enrollment.

  • When you submit your Marriage/Domestic Partnership Life Event you will have the opportunity to change some, but not all your elections because of getting married.
  • If you have any questions while you attempt to submit your life event or make benefit changes, please contact the HR Service Center at (800) 952-7522.

Are you eligible for Vacation Buy and you want to purchase 2023 vacation days?

Vacation Buy is only available during Annual Enrollment (until 11/18 at 11:59pm CT), so please make your 2023 vacation buy elections during Annual Enrollment if you wish to buy vacation.

I’ve submitted my Life Event and made changes, what next?

  1. Need to update your tax information? Log into Workday to make changes to your federal and/or state taxes.
  2.  Be sure to add your spouse as a beneficiary
  3. Earn Flex Credits for 2024 when you and your spouse complete the AB Well Program activities.
  •  If you add your spouse to your medical plan before 6/1/2023, you and your eligible spouse or domestic partner can complete the two AB Well Program activities (Primary Care Physician visit and Biometric Screening) before the 11/18/2023 deadline to earn Flex Credits. These credits are unlocked when you enroll in a 2024 A-B medical plan.
  • In 2023 your spouse will automatically receive prorated 2023 Flex Credits when you enroll them into your 2023 A-B medical plan.
  • If you add your spouse to your medical plan on or after 6/1/2023, they will automatically receive prorated 2023 and 2024 Flex Credits. Please note: Flex Credits are not offered to spouses not enrolled in A-B medical coverage.

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